Internet Court of Truth and Lies


The Internet Court of Truth, ICoT, The Internet Court of Lies, ICoL, and The Internet Court of Truth and Lies, ICoTL, are trademarks and properties of Bright Plaza, Inc., a Delaware Corporation at, since 1996. It has Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ICoTL is Patent Pending and has registered copyrights and registered trademarks. Valid URLs for the Court are,, and These are the same SaaS court management system and may be used to access that system interchangeably.

ICoTL is based on R&D published and fully disclosed on Medium.Com since 2018. The following are free friends links to recent key articles about ICoTL and its scientific basis in computational cognitive neuroscience.

Three Types of Trial in the Internet Court of Truth and Lies.

Innoculate Yourself with a Psematic Defense.